Sunday, September 14, 2014

September Beauty Box 5 Review + Free Box Promo Code!

Hello September!
I’ve been a bad blogger and a mediocre full time student for the past couple of weeks so forgive the lack of posts! I’m speaking to the two of you who randomly come upon my page at 2 am… I know there are at least 2 of you! I’m kidding, I don’t know.
But HEY! I’m back with a spankin’ new review of the September Beauty Box 5, woo!

This box costs $12 a month for 5 beauty products (usually). It gets much less expensive when you sub for more months at a time! There will be a code for a free box at the end of the review so keep reading. ;)

Off to a great start with my picture of the entire box. I was in a rush to take these before work so I could slack and work hard on my blog! Can you tell I rushed?

Ok so there’s nothing crazy amazing going on, but I LOVE Beauty Box 5. This is the last of my 3 month subscription (inserts tears, many tears) and, admittedly, I wouldn’t keep it for $12 a month, but the next time I can snag a 3 month subscription for $18, I’ll do it again.

Here’s a quick pic of the info card. I made it big so you can see. O_O Very photo! So talent! Many read!

Nicka K New York Eyelight Crayon - $4.49
My Beauty Spot - ~$4 There’s no name for the color, but it’s cute!

These were the first two things that stood out to me in this box because they match! Idk if that was on purpose, but I’ve been on an ALL THINGS PURPLE bender so I’m happy with these. ^^ Also just automatically a win ‘cos I did get anything yellow. Score!

Sally Hansen Toe Spacers - $1.99

What was UP with my photo taking!? Not that this could've been photographed in a more exciting manner. I think I moved too quickly after pressing the capture button. Sorry guys!
This is the part in any other blog where one might cry about receiving this item, but I like the cute random and, IMO, useful items they’ve included in the past.  On top of that, I NEEDED this one and I was hoping to get one in the course of my BB5 run. I misplaced the ones I normally use one by one and now they’re both in a vortex somewhere with those rings I lost 4 years ago and the eyeliner brush I put somewhere to dry 2 years ago.

I had trouble photographing the last two items.
"I laff you, mommy. Purrr."
This my life btw.
Ok here!
Natural Style by FUBU, foil packet samples
3-in-1 Eye Bright by Chrislie Formulations, sample size

I like the variety I’ve seen in BB5 and the hair treatments they send out every month are a fine example of that. You gonna tell me your hair doesn’t need some TLC at least once a month? The foil packet samples for these are okay by me ‘cos I don’t need more than that anyway considering how many I’ve gotten from their boxes and other beauty subscriptions.
I tried the eye cream last night, but didn’t see any result yet. It’s supposed to lift, firm, and brighten the eye area. I definitely need some help with looking alive since my school and work schedule is hectic this semester.
Overall, I love this box and I’m sad it’ll probably be my last for a while, but I’ll keep an eye out for promo codes in the future!
In the meantime, someone can use this code to receive an August box for free with their September box. I don’t know if it’s a one-time use code so comment if you used it and let me know! Also as per the description on the card you’re now my friend for using it. You’re welcome.

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