Tips for Ebates!

This is the best thing on the internet for online shoppers:

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Once you sign up with my referral link (above), you will be eligible to receive an extra $5 cash back on your first purchase of $25 or more on an Ebates shopping trip. You will also receive the regular bonus of a $10 gift card to a store of your choice.

Ebates is fantastic, I can't recommend it highly enough. I've already earned $60 cash back in 2 months. I love Ebates cash back because it'll stack with any deals you're already using on your favorite sites. They have "double cash back" deals all of the time, and it's usually over 10% cash back!

Essential pr0 tip #1: One issue I have encountered with eBates on my PC is getting it to track shopping trips despite my having an active ad blocker. The site will notify you if you have it and suggest you change a setting to allow eBates to bypass the adblocker, but I'm still paranoid it won't work all of the time!

The FOOLPROOF way to track ALL trips and make sure you get your cash back is by downloading the app on your mobile device. This way you can open all of your shopping trips directly through the eBates browser and it is guaranteed to be tracked. If, however, you have a shopping trip you aren't sure was tracked (it takes a few days sometimes anyway depending on the site), you can contact eBates customer service and they will get back to you SUPER quickly with your cash back. Their customer service is awesome!

Essential pr0 tip #2:  Link your PayPal account to Ebates for quick and easy cash back. It seems like a no-brainer, but I didn't do it right away because the next payout date was a couple of months ahead, and they surprised me with an early check in the mail!

I trust that you will find this is a great way to shop online. You will wish you'd found out about it sooner! As always, feel free to ask me any questions below or through Google+.


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