Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Julep 100 Degrees of Mystery Box Review

Hey guys!

So I was def expecting a package in the mail today. Honestly, I was sure my Beauty Box 5 would be arriving, but instead I was, err... pleasantly surprised to find that my Julep 100 Degrees of Mystery Box had arrived a couple of days early. I was all “whoa” when I saw that big, black box on my doorstep and rushed to my room to open it. This is my first Julep mystery box purchase, so I was hoping for the world!


Here’s my first look at the contents of this box.

Underwhelming, but hopeful.

I quickly dug out the two beauty products I spotted, mostly to get them out of the way ‘cos I wanted to see the nail polishes more.

Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer - $17.60

Julep Lip Gloss in Posh - $16.00

The color of this lip gloss is nice. I like these deep colors, but I doubt it looks that once it’s actually applied. I don’t exactly go through bottles of lip gloss, so this will probably be swapped.

I’m almost sure I don’t want to keep the primer. I just won’t be needing a new primer for a long, long time. 

Julep Nail Mask - $2.00

Really? They couldn’t even include a bundle of 5 like they’re sold in the shop? In my first look, I thought there would be more hiding under this, but there was nothing, just a dense bunch of packing confetti. They could have sent this in a box half the size. I can’t even.

These are the 4 polishes included in the box.

Lynn – This isn’t even listed on Julep’s site anymore… it’s probably really old. 
Gloria – Also not on the site, hmm.
Max – Finally. So this is “worth” $11.20. It is described as a “black and white graffiti top coat.”
Zoe – $11.20, a “smoky burnt umber metallic.”

I don’t know if there were any variations across these boxes, but they should be more careful not to include polishes in similar colors. On top of this, I hate orange tones for polish. I hate seeing too much QQing in these reviews sometimes, but damn… does this call for some serious QQing.

The total value of this box (excluding the discontinued polishes) is $58. If I were kind and added the full Maven price value of the two discontinued polishes it would be $80.40, still $20 short of the promised $100 value.

$100 value, huh? I wonder if I could take this up with customer service ‘cos this box is 100 Degrees of Dissatisfaction.

All in all, I can’t believe I spent $25 on this crap. I am really upset that I spent money on this. I don’t think I’ll be risking another one of these in the future. Lesson learned.

Did any of you receive this box? Did you get something different? Please let me know!

P.S. I found a post HERE showing the other two versions of the box. This just throws salt on my open wound. I would've loved version 3.

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