Wednesday, June 18, 2014

BarkBox Review - June 2014

Hello everyone!

This is a review for the large dog BarkBox as well as some tips on how to save money on a subscription for yourself!

Last year I adopted a pretty big female greyhound and quickly learned that toys and treats (good ones, at least) can be pretty pricey! I’ve wanted to subscribe to BarkBox since I first learned about it several months ago, but found it to be out of my price range.

The regular cost for this box is as follows:

$29 for a monthly subscription
$24 a month for a 3 month subscription
$19 a month for a 6 month subscription
$18 a month for an annual subscription

Free shipping is included in all plans. You have to pay anything past the monthly subscription upfront!

However, I found an amazing deal on Groupon for the 3 and 6 month subscriptions that brought the price down to about $14 a month. Totally worth it! Since it’s for new subscribers only, I decided to take full advantage and get the 6 month subscription. I paid $80 and had 6% cash back on my Ebates account.

tip for frugal shoppers: If you haven’t heard of Ebates, please CLICK HERE to check it out! It’s free to sign up, easy to use, and free to get cash back from your online shopping trips. I can’t believe I didn’t hear about this sooner. Plus, if you sign up now you will get a $10 bonus gift card to a store of your choice when you make your first purchase through your Ebates account. ^^

Onto the actual box now~

So this is what my box looked like when I opened it up. I just wanted to have one of these “reveal of packaging pics” and it’s funny ‘cos when I decided to take one, the wrapping was somewhat underwhelming (only because it's folded that way, but it doesn't take away from the cuteness!). P:

Here is the card listing the companies that are featured in this month’s box. The theme here was apparently something along the lines of “healthy.” Sounds good~

Bocce’s Bakery Truffle Mac & Cheese Biscuits (5 oz.) - $5.94

Healthy Dogma Duck Recipe Barkers (8 oz.) - $7.95

Okay, so I’ve seen both of these in past reviews of BarkBox online, but I wasn’t disappointed to see them in my box because I love the idea of the truffle mac & cheese biscuits and the packaging for the barkers is super cute! ^^ The barkers are gluten & grain free, and the biscuits only have 4 ingredients. I am satisfied with the sizes and flavors these came in. These should last through the month so my pup and I are happy.

Megalast Ball (Large) - $7.46

Mr. Barksmith’s Cool Treats in Carrot Cake (1 cup) - $1.00

The true value of this box, to me, was the fact that it comes with one toy every month. Good quality durable dogs toys don’t come cheap! My girl won’t stay focused on any toy too long, but this ball has a hole in the middle that I can stuff treats into to keep her busy for a while. It’s a nice change from her Kong. Love it!

The Cool Treat is another item I've seen in past reviews, and although I am disappointed in the size of the sample, I know my girl will like it and the rest of the box was great so I have no further complaints!
I loved this box. I know Danica will too!

If you’d like to subscribe to BarkBox, look for it on Groupon. The deal should still be up for another week or so. If it isn’t, you can CLICK HERE to save 10% on any length subscription for your pup. :)

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