Thursday, September 18, 2014

Memebox Special #14 Zero Cosmetics + $5 Discount Code

Save $5 on your order at Memebox using this code: 6L3T 
expires end September 2014


Yeah I know what you're thinking, that I'm real late to the party with this post but first of all you should know the party don't START 'til I walk in...

And secondly I've been using the contents of this box twice a day for the past 20 days so I've got good reason to be late to the party.

In case you are in the same position as Brad Pitt... 

Here's a pic!


Zero alcohol, zero parabens, zero DEA and zero Formaldehyde, this is the ultimate zero chemical Zero Cosmetics Box!

We did some studying to create this zero chemical, zero additives, Zero Cosmetics Box! We wanted to provide you with the most natural and chemical free head to toe care so that you don’t have to put any more unnecessary additives and harsh ingredients that will cause irritation! We’ve loaded up this box with only the most gentle and natural products so that you can maintain your natural beauty.

1 Papa Recipe Bombee Full Size Soap 100g RRP $13

Memebox Says
“No Paraben. No Phenoxyethanol. No Triethanolamine. No mineral oils. No artificial coloring. The Bombee Soap is a hand-made soap made from propolis, honey extracts, jojoba oil and citron seed oil. Its gentle and nature-derived formula helps soothe red, irritated skin and deeply moisturize dry, sensitive skin.

Usage Instructions
Lather the Bombee Soap with your hands and massage the foam onto your face. Rinse off with warm water.”

Kitty Says
After years of being sold Western cleansers boasting “soap free” as though it's something to be proud of, the thought of getting soap all up on my face initially prompted the response “Hellllllll no!”. However curiosity got the better of me and I sliced the packet open and with scant regard to my sensitive skin slathered it all over my face. Before rinsing my face began to tingle which then gave way to stinging and I admit I had a Ron moment. 

I hurriedly rinsed away the lather and my face felt incredibly tight, not in the good ooooh-my-pores-are-all-smooth-and-tight way but more in the Cassandra from Doctor Who way. And my skin was definitely screaming moisturise me moisturise me!

I expected to find dry patches around my nose and across my cheeks the next morning but to my surprise my skin looked and felt smooth with zero dryness. I decided to keep the Bombee soap in my regimen and I have been using it day and night ever since and I am amazed myself at the lack of dry skin I anticipated. It smells strongly of honey to me, I can't detect any hint of the citron seed oil which suits me fine but I imagine the honey scent might be too strong for some.

Will I replace this once it's gone?
No I won't, I'm happy to finish it off but I won't miss it when it's gone. Kind of like some of my ex boyfriends. 

2 Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream 50g Full Size RRP $18

Memebox Says
“Benton goes by a very strict set of “Zero 8 System” which requires that all of its products exclude the following components – paraben, alchohol, artificial fragrance, artificial coloring, mineral oil, benzophenone, chemical preservatives. This Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream is enriched with snail secretion filtrate, hyaluronic acid, argan oil, EGF, and squalane, and it works to nourish, brighten and treat signs of wrinkles on your face.

Usage instructions
Apply the steam cream adequately at the last stage of your skincare routine.”

Kitty Says
I know that Benton Snail Bee products have a huge reputation and fanatical devotion from their fans so getting a tube of my own felt like a major score. I can't express with mere words how overjoyed I was to discover this cream is unscented so here's a GIF to do it for me...

I read in another review that the reviewer didn't like the smell of this cream which totally befuddles me as I really can't detect any scent from my tube?!

OK so you're gonna need to proceed with caution when applying this cream don't overdo it on your first application like I did - Borrowers could have luged down my face that night whilst I slept. 

I woke up expecting my face to feel like an oil slick but it felt nourished without being greasy, impressive.

Overall I really like this cream and so does my skin which is pretty surprising as I have combination sensitive skin that reacts to most moisturisers I've tried. My skintone definitely evened out after using this cream twice a day for two weeks and the one night I used a different moisturiser my face looked considerably more patchy the next morning.

Will I replace this once it's gone?
Does the Pope shit in the woods? The answer is of course, yes. Yes he does.

3 All Nature Organic Mask Sheet 25ml x4ea Full Size RRP $6

Memebox Says
“All Nature brings four super foods – black bean, broccoli, blueberry and huttuynia cordat – to the beauty scene with these four mask sheets consisting more than 50% organic extracts from these super foods. Replenish and renew with what Mother Nature has to offer!

Usage instructions
After cleansing, place the mask sheet over your face and rest for 15-20 minutes. Remove the sheet and pat in the remaining mask essence onto your skin.”

Kitty Says
OK so these are the only items in the box that I haven't used so I'm afraid you'll need to consult inspector Google for a review on these. I've personally never found a face mask that I'd bother to repurchase but I haven't used many Korean masks so perhaps I will change my mind on that some day.

Will I replace this once it's gone?

4 Easydew Fresh Mild Sun Block SPF50+ PA+++ 7ml Full size 50ml RRP $51

Memebox Says
“This Gentle, ultra light, and greaseless Sun Block provides high level of protections against UV rays, maintains the skin nice and moist, and strengthens the skin's innate ability to protect itself at the same time!

Usage instructions
Pump out 1-2 times and apply it evenly across your face at the first stage of makeup application. It's recommended to be re-applied every 3 hours for utmost UV protection.”

Kitty Says
As sunblocks go this one is fine. Not special, not awful just fine. It didn't smell too strongly and it goes on easily without leaving a white cast across my face. I always protect my face with SPF and so should you, it's the only thing scientifically proven to prevent premature aging. See below what happens when you end up in the grip of sun damage or as I call it leatherface...

Will I replace this once it's gone?

5 Nature's Friend SaeHaneul Eye & Nourishing Cream 40g Full Size RRP $30

Memebox Says
“Nature's Friend takes great pride in their gentle, non-toxic formula which does not include any paraben, ethanol, mineral oil, silicon, artificial fragrance and artificial coloring. Instead, the popular Eye & Nourishing Cream is enriched with 10 different organic plant extracts for delivering deep nourishment and facilitating skin regeneration to treat signs of fine line and wrinkles along your eye contours.

Usage Instructions
After toner application, apply the cream along your eye contours or even on other areas of your face with evident wrinkles and fine lines.”

Kitty Says
I have tried many many eye creams and I haven't liked a single one enough to repurchase it. I know when my eyes really disagree with a cream because they stream for the entire time I'm wearing it. My eyes didn't stream from the SaeHaneul cream but neither did they look any better. It's a medium textured lightly scented cream which is a HUGE 40g in size and the tube is green. Yeah that's how unremarkable this shit is, I've begun to talk about the packaging. 

Will I replace this once it's gone?
6 Innerface Shy Blossom Soothing Serum 50ml Full Size $43

Memebox Says
“Aloe vera and lavender oil from the serum works to instantly soothe irritated or sensitive skin and the hyaluronic acid and the sacha inchi oil rich in omega 3,6,9 deliver intensive hydration be creating a protective moisture layer that locks in moisture within the skin. The Soothing Serum is packed with herbal formula blended by New Zealand herbalists and includes chamomile water, tea tree water, sweet almond, evening primrose, olive, lavender, etc.

Usage Instructions
After toner application, pump out the serum 2-3 times and apply it gently over your face. Pat it onto the skin for full absorbance.”

Kitty Says
I don't usually bother talking about packaging but this serum came in a triangular card box which for some reason really really appealed to me. Shut up, don't judge you don't even know me. Once out of the box - which I may or may not have kept - I pretty much liked this serum from squirt one. It's more of a light cream than an oil, it smells really plant-like and soothes my easily irritated soul skin. I found one pump preferable over the two to three instructed (that' what she said) but whatevs. 

Will I replace this once it's gone?
I'm undecided on whether I'd buy another bottle, it IS my second favourite thing in the whole box but I have an awful lot of serum from other boxes that are ready to take its place.

In Summary
I really enjoyed this box and would love to see a second version of it, prior to Memebox I've always purchased skincare items that are free from parabens, mineral oil, EDTA etc etc so I would definitely like to see another selection of Korean items that fit into that ethos. You hear me Memebox? I demand a second version. 

I hereby stamp Zero Cosmetics Kitty approved!

Save $5 on your order at Memebox using this code: 6L3T expires end September 2014

Sunday, September 14, 2014

September Beauty Box 5 Review + Free Box Promo Code!

Hello September!
I’ve been a bad blogger and a mediocre full time student for the past couple of weeks so forgive the lack of posts! I’m speaking to the two of you who randomly come upon my page at 2 am… I know there are at least 2 of you! I’m kidding, I don’t know.
But HEY! I’m back with a spankin’ new review of the September Beauty Box 5, woo!

This box costs $12 a month for 5 beauty products (usually). It gets much less expensive when you sub for more months at a time! There will be a code for a free box at the end of the review so keep reading. ;)

Off to a great start with my picture of the entire box. I was in a rush to take these before work so I could slack and work hard on my blog! Can you tell I rushed?

Ok so there’s nothing crazy amazing going on, but I LOVE Beauty Box 5. This is the last of my 3 month subscription (inserts tears, many tears) and, admittedly, I wouldn’t keep it for $12 a month, but the next time I can snag a 3 month subscription for $18, I’ll do it again.

Here’s a quick pic of the info card. I made it big so you can see. O_O Very photo! So talent! Many read!

Nicka K New York Eyelight Crayon - $4.49
My Beauty Spot - ~$4 There’s no name for the color, but it’s cute!

These were the first two things that stood out to me in this box because they match! Idk if that was on purpose, but I’ve been on an ALL THINGS PURPLE bender so I’m happy with these. ^^ Also just automatically a win ‘cos I did get anything yellow. Score!

Sally Hansen Toe Spacers - $1.99

What was UP with my photo taking!? Not that this could've been photographed in a more exciting manner. I think I moved too quickly after pressing the capture button. Sorry guys!
This is the part in any other blog where one might cry about receiving this item, but I like the cute random and, IMO, useful items they’ve included in the past.  On top of that, I NEEDED this one and I was hoping to get one in the course of my BB5 run. I misplaced the ones I normally use one by one and now they’re both in a vortex somewhere with those rings I lost 4 years ago and the eyeliner brush I put somewhere to dry 2 years ago.

I had trouble photographing the last two items.
"I laff you, mommy. Purrr."
This my life btw.
Ok here!
Natural Style by FUBU, foil packet samples
3-in-1 Eye Bright by Chrislie Formulations, sample size

I like the variety I’ve seen in BB5 and the hair treatments they send out every month are a fine example of that. You gonna tell me your hair doesn’t need some TLC at least once a month? The foil packet samples for these are okay by me ‘cos I don’t need more than that anyway considering how many I’ve gotten from their boxes and other beauty subscriptions.
I tried the eye cream last night, but didn’t see any result yet. It’s supposed to lift, firm, and brighten the eye area. I definitely need some help with looking alive since my school and work schedule is hectic this semester.
Overall, I love this box and I’m sad it’ll probably be my last for a while, but I’ll keep an eye out for promo codes in the future!
In the meantime, someone can use this code to receive an August box for free with their September box. I don’t know if it’s a one-time use code so comment if you used it and let me know! Also as per the description on the card you’re now my friend for using it. You’re welcome.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Julep 100 Degrees of Mystery Box Review

Hey guys!

So I was def expecting a package in the mail today. Honestly, I was sure my Beauty Box 5 would be arriving, but instead I was, err... pleasantly surprised to find that my Julep 100 Degrees of Mystery Box had arrived a couple of days early. I was all “whoa” when I saw that big, black box on my doorstep and rushed to my room to open it. This is my first Julep mystery box purchase, so I was hoping for the world!


Here’s my first look at the contents of this box.

Underwhelming, but hopeful.

I quickly dug out the two beauty products I spotted, mostly to get them out of the way ‘cos I wanted to see the nail polishes more.

Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer - $17.60

Julep Lip Gloss in Posh - $16.00

The color of this lip gloss is nice. I like these deep colors, but I doubt it looks that once it’s actually applied. I don’t exactly go through bottles of lip gloss, so this will probably be swapped.

I’m almost sure I don’t want to keep the primer. I just won’t be needing a new primer for a long, long time. 

Julep Nail Mask - $2.00

Really? They couldn’t even include a bundle of 5 like they’re sold in the shop? In my first look, I thought there would be more hiding under this, but there was nothing, just a dense bunch of packing confetti. They could have sent this in a box half the size. I can’t even.

These are the 4 polishes included in the box.

Lynn – This isn’t even listed on Julep’s site anymore… it’s probably really old. 
Gloria – Also not on the site, hmm.
Max – Finally. So this is “worth” $11.20. It is described as a “black and white graffiti top coat.”
Zoe – $11.20, a “smoky burnt umber metallic.”

I don’t know if there were any variations across these boxes, but they should be more careful not to include polishes in similar colors. On top of this, I hate orange tones for polish. I hate seeing too much QQing in these reviews sometimes, but damn… does this call for some serious QQing.

The total value of this box (excluding the discontinued polishes) is $58. If I were kind and added the full Maven price value of the two discontinued polishes it would be $80.40, still $20 short of the promised $100 value.

$100 value, huh? I wonder if I could take this up with customer service ‘cos this box is 100 Degrees of Dissatisfaction.

All in all, I can’t believe I spent $25 on this crap. I am really upset that I spent money on this. I don’t think I’ll be risking another one of these in the future. Lesson learned.

Did any of you receive this box? Did you get something different? Please let me know!

P.S. I found a post HERE showing the other two versions of the box. This just throws salt on my open wound. I would've loved version 3.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Darby Smart TO DIY FOR Review & Coupon Code - July 2014

This month's TO DIY FOR box was a pleasant surprise!

It's a DIY Wooden clock! 

I'm thoroughly excited to make this as I don't have a clock in my room yet. I love useful DIYs!

Included in the kit:
  • a gold paint marker (the Darby Smart team seems to be in love with these 'cos they're in a lot of their kits!)
  • black & white acrylic paint
  • a sponge brush
  • wooden clock base... Idk what you'd call it
  • and that kit you see there with the hands to put it all together and make it a working clock!

I do pay for these myself, but if you would like to support me, feel free to use my referral link to create your account on Darby Smart HERE!

If you'd like to see the instructions on how to make this, click HERE.

If you don't wanna miss out on next month's TO DIY FOR box, click HERE.

Don't forget to use the coupon code HOWDYDARBY for $10 off your first box. :)

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

BarkBox Review - June 2014

Hello everyone!

This is a review for the large dog BarkBox as well as some tips on how to save money on a subscription for yourself!

Last year I adopted a pretty big female greyhound and quickly learned that toys and treats (good ones, at least) can be pretty pricey! I’ve wanted to subscribe to BarkBox since I first learned about it several months ago, but found it to be out of my price range.

The regular cost for this box is as follows:

$29 for a monthly subscription
$24 a month for a 3 month subscription
$19 a month for a 6 month subscription
$18 a month for an annual subscription

Free shipping is included in all plans. You have to pay anything past the monthly subscription upfront!

However, I found an amazing deal on Groupon for the 3 and 6 month subscriptions that brought the price down to about $14 a month. Totally worth it! Since it’s for new subscribers only, I decided to take full advantage and get the 6 month subscription. I paid $80 and had 6% cash back on my Ebates account.

tip for frugal shoppers: If you haven’t heard of Ebates, please CLICK HERE to check it out! It’s free to sign up, easy to use, and free to get cash back from your online shopping trips. I can’t believe I didn’t hear about this sooner. Plus, if you sign up now you will get a $10 bonus gift card to a store of your choice when you make your first purchase through your Ebates account. ^^

Onto the actual box now~

So this is what my box looked like when I opened it up. I just wanted to have one of these “reveal of packaging pics” and it’s funny ‘cos when I decided to take one, the wrapping was somewhat underwhelming (only because it's folded that way, but it doesn't take away from the cuteness!). P:

Here is the card listing the companies that are featured in this month’s box. The theme here was apparently something along the lines of “healthy.” Sounds good~

Bocce’s Bakery Truffle Mac & Cheese Biscuits (5 oz.) - $5.94

Healthy Dogma Duck Recipe Barkers (8 oz.) - $7.95

Okay, so I’ve seen both of these in past reviews of BarkBox online, but I wasn’t disappointed to see them in my box because I love the idea of the truffle mac & cheese biscuits and the packaging for the barkers is super cute! ^^ The barkers are gluten & grain free, and the biscuits only have 4 ingredients. I am satisfied with the sizes and flavors these came in. These should last through the month so my pup and I are happy.

Megalast Ball (Large) - $7.46

Mr. Barksmith’s Cool Treats in Carrot Cake (1 cup) - $1.00

The true value of this box, to me, was the fact that it comes with one toy every month. Good quality durable dogs toys don’t come cheap! My girl won’t stay focused on any toy too long, but this ball has a hole in the middle that I can stuff treats into to keep her busy for a while. It’s a nice change from her Kong. Love it!

The Cool Treat is another item I've seen in past reviews, and although I am disappointed in the size of the sample, I know my girl will like it and the rest of the box was great so I have no further complaints!
I loved this box. I know Danica will too!

If you’d like to subscribe to BarkBox, look for it on Groupon. The deal should still be up for another week or so. If it isn’t, you can CLICK HERE to save 10% on any length subscription for your pup. :)

Disclosure: This post contains referral links.